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Gowtham Ramani Kumar

Department of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University

Advisor: Professor Abbas El Gamal


  • Details of My ISIT 2014 talk on Exact common information can be found here.

About Me

Hello all. Welcome to my little space on the Stanford web. Let me describe a little about myself. I am a student pursuing PhD in Electrical Engineering. My research interests are in Information Theory. In my research, I am trying to understand how much communication is needed to generate correlated random variables.I also think about how one can apply Information Theory in gambling.

I am also fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Isn't it amazing that a helicopter can be controlled better by analysing data about it's response to actions rather than trying to predict the response through physics?

I also love puzzles as do many Information Theorists. In fact, I post one puzzle a day on my puzzle website that I started in January 2013. If you are a fan of puzzles, please be sure to try some of my puzzles. Please feel free to contact me about interesting puzzles.

I also share a love of hacking. I have built an automated minesweeper player that works on the windows 7 minesweeper game. If you haven't noticed already, do note that my photo at the top of this page is winking at you!

I just defended my PhD. Here is a video of my defense talk.

I also love this sport called aerial fabrics: a dance in the sky. I spent 2 years learning this sport! I love Stanford for having given me the opportunity to learn this amazing sport.

A video of my performance can be found here.


Office: Packard 257, Stanford
Email: My first name followed by ‘r’ at stanford dot edu

Research interests

  • Network Information Theory

  • Coordination via Communication

  • Information Theory and Gambling

  • Wireless Networks